Big Stretch!

You don’t realize how big they are until they come out of the water. The Common Loon has an average of length of 2.5 feet and their wings can span as much as 4.5 feet!

For the Weekly Photo Challenge: Ascend

11 thoughts on “Big Stretch!

      1. I remember I got either a shiraz or a merlot, one of the mellow red ones. It was very good. I brought it over to a friend’s house for a dinner and they liked it too so started buying it.

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      2. Fat Bastard is a funny name. Tickles my sense of humor and makes a good conversation starter. I’ve never seen that one around here but will keep an eye out.

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  1. You’re so right about wingspread! I’m frequently amazed when almost any bird shows up how much distance those wings can go. The Tree Sparrow’s are just amazing too. Good shot!

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