For 10 minutes, my World was Mine

There was a lovely post here about practicing the art of being. You know when you just sit still and do nothing but be? (I am terribly sorry that I cannot link to the post, it’s lost somewhere here in the blogosphere). It made me question when the last time I actually just sat and was nothing more than myself. When I am at home there is always a running list of things to do. When I get into the car it’s always about the destination,  never about the drive. Gotta get there faster, gotta be on time, gotta do this when I get there.

On the way home the other day I turned into an approach, shut off the car, and got out to enjoy this view.


And for those ten minutes,

the world was mine

to lay my eyes upon

to breathe in

to be inspired by

to be renewed by

For the weekly photo challenge: Serene




22 thoughts on “For 10 minutes, my World was Mine

  1. Beautiful sunset, Kelly. Did you take this with D750?
    I learned to be mindful a year ago. I try to take a short break ( like 10 seconds, ha) now and then, checking on my senses — what am I seeing, smelling, hearing… at this moment. That helps me a lot 😉
    Have a wonderful day.

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