Peek-a-boo! I see you!

I spent the better part of the summer wishing I could photograph a hawk. The damn things are so quick and elusive. You can’t even drive by them without them taking flight.

Little did I know, there was a family of Merlins roosting right in my yard! I was wondering what the racket was – Merlin’s are notoriously noisy when feeding their young. Mama was perched high on top of the evergreens the day I took this picture, screeching, gently encouraging her young to leave the nest and come to get fed. This poor little soul was more cautious than her sibling and patiently waited for her mom to come and deliver the food to her. 20170803-_MG_1672

For the Weekly Photo Challenge: Peek


9 thoughts on “Peek-a-boo! I see you!

    1. Thanks! They were noisy! Start at 5 a.m (ish- that’s when they would wake me up). At first I was a little annoyed and then I found their call comforting/exciting. In the afternoon I would watch them fly together. It was pretty cool.

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      1. You are lucky! Also it’s interesting how they moved from annoyance to comforting/exciting with time. Most people go the other direction, lol. I think taking photos makes us photographers appreciate things more.

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