She’s a Survivor

The first day out with my new tripod – I snuck into the ditch to photograph the deer coming up my road. It wasn’t until later that I noticed the wound on her neck.



9 thoughts on “She’s a Survivor

  1. After such a tragic injury, I am glad she looks to be getting back to healthy. She is a survivor, just like my “Cassie Canvasback” series’ posts, who’s wing is so severely injured, she cannot fly and was not able to migrate back to the north this past Spring with her fellow species. These ‘survivors’ can be seen to us humans as an inspiration.

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    1. The tripod is handy to have. Mine is a very lightweight, portable travel type tripod so I can carry it with ease. And yet, I hardly ever use it 😉 I think I just enjoy the free hand approach so much more. Most of my objects – the birds and kids move too fast for me to have a set location. Don’t get sucked in! A pillow placed in the right spot near a flower would work just as well.


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