What Would be on Your List?

Sometime you just read something and it just sticks with you. At least I felt that way after reading Debbie’s post hereAll week I have been wandering around trying to create a mental checklist for myself. It’s not that I have been unhappy per se, but the work schedule has definitely gotten to me.I am suffering form a severe lack of motivation and/or desire to do anything. I have even taken up binge watching tv shows on Netflix (recommendations welcome) in an effort to shut off my brain and retrain myself on how to relax.

Stress is a funny thing. Is it possible that your mind and body become accustomed to living in such a frenzied state that it actually becomes addicted to it? I find that now things are slowing down at work, now that I actually have a lunch hour and a few minutes to breathe through out the day that my brain is seeking out situations to be stressed out about.

Weird. And definitely not me.

So this is my list….

  • TAKE TIME OUT! to breathe, to watch and learn and listen, to snuggle and cuddle, laugh and play, to stick my hands in the dirt and my feet in the sand, to feel the warm air on my face, to connect with the people around me, to connect with the nature around, to connect back to me

It feel good just to get it out there.

Thanks Debbie for the inspiration!


6 thoughts on “What Would be on Your List?

    1. It was a really good idea to generate a list of things, kinda a stream of consciousness thing that I feel like I have been missing out on. Thanks for the inspiration!


    1. So true! It’s been a very refreshing reminder to appreciate each moments before it slips by. It feels good to breathe again and take it all in. Thanks so much for understanding 😊

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