I thought I would do some spelunking today by participating in Calen’s Sandbox Writing Challenge. Never heard of it? Just click the link and it will take you to the beginning. Now I am just jumping in here at exercise 20: What door have you closed in your life and why? Will you ever open it again?

… a friendship. I think we (hubby and I)  just woke up one day and realized that our “friendship” was more of a one-sided power trip that we were too blinded to see after many many years. There were various incidents leading up to it and one final episode that topped the cake. And after that, we were done. It still pains me. I feel like I have abandoned a friend. I miss her big heart, warm smiles, and her ability to spin a positive web around every situation. I hate saying ‘never’ but I won’t be opening that door again, for a long, long time.


6 thoughts on “Spelunking

  1. Some relationships can become so toxic. Others we just grow out of. There are probably a lot more of them. Then there are those where you’re just thrown into an “acquaintanceship” with someone you would not have chosen for your inner circle. But how to get out of it without hurting someone’s feelings… I’ll bet no one ever told most of us that we have a right to look after our own well-being and mental health by stepping away from folks sometimes. I hope there is some closure for you at some point. I really think that’s key to surviving and thriving when these things happen. Two years ago I said a mental goodbye to a friend of 50+ years. Haven’t seen her since, but I know it was the right decision for me as it relieved a boatload of emotional stress… Thanks so much for playing in the sandbox with us! I always love new perspectives! Btw, is that grass REALLY blue???

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    1. I think it’s better if you just part ways then you don’t really have any lingering feelings about it. And I am not sure if that was just the way the light was hitting it that evening, but it really did look blue. Thanks for the challenges! I have enjoyed reading all of the responses😊

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