My Backyard

As soon as the weather turns warm I just want to stick my hands in dirt, pick out the weeds from last year and feel Mother Nature between my finger tips. Hubby spent the day tilling the garden. I worked on the flower beds. The dogs appreciated the fresh soil to lay down, roll around and dig into. The cats were impressed with their new and improved litter box.

For the Weekly Photo Challenge: My place


7 thoughts on “My Backyard

  1. I know this feeling SO well! Unfortunately, this “spring” season has been way cooler than is comfortable for me, and very little sun shines lately. I need to feel the sun, the warmth. Hoping this is just an unusual year. The yard looks outstanding even if I am still feeling the chill. Of course, it isn’t entirely unusual for Spring to arrive (last frost that is) between May 15 and June 1.

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