Angel Food Cake?


There are five birthdays in the month of January. Five birthdays, five excuses to eat cake, five reasons to bake an Angel Food and top it with an excessive amount of whipped cream and raspberries. My sister in law feels that Angel Food is more of a regional thing – much like we call sweaters with hoods bunnyhugs. They just don’t eat Angel Food in Ontario. What about you? Do you eat Angel Food?

For The Weekly Photo Challenge: Sweet

27 thoughts on “Angel Food Cake?

      1. I had never heard of Angel cake, but from your description above I think it is what we call Pavlova and it is divine. I used to make it from scratch every Christmas, now I buy the ready made and pile lashings of cream and strawberries on top

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  1. Yummy! I love Angel Food Cake, because it is lower in calories. Even though I like to add a lot of strawberry sauce, but I don’t think we count calories in sauce. 😉
    Have a great day.

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