Ruffed Grouse

It’s Monday! Time to link up to Roda’s Critter Connection. Here is a picture I took at the beginning of December – a lovely little Ruffed Grouse that was hanging out in my willows.

I kept a respectable distance so I wouldn’t scare her out of the trees and into the yard where my dogs might notice her 🙂 And I left her a pile of grain to say “thanks for posing for me”. (I checked back, and she appreciated the treat I left for her – not a kernel was left!)

10 thoughts on “Ruffed Grouse

    1. that’s awesome! there seems to be a lot around here this year. stupid little things. I herded a group off the highway a few weeks ago. They were just running back and forth. I didn’t want to hit them and then I saw a snowy owl not too far. joys of the country 😊

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      1. Yep. Our drive is long and basically two ruts through the fields, and they run in front of your car until you think you’ve surely run them over, but you’ll see them dart left or right at the very last second. Guess they like to live dangerously. 😃

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