The Onslaught of Tent Caterpillars

Looks pretty harmless, doesn’t it? Just a cute little caterpillar free floating on its own silk. I thought so too when I saw the first one. Then there was a dozen, then fifty, then what seemed like thousands.


They were everywhere.

You could hear them dropping from the trees like thick, heavy raindrops. If you went outside, you were bound to bring one (or two or ten) back inside with you. I found them on my clothes, in my hair, and the oddest of all places – in my grocery bags! They crossed the roads in swarms, leaving behind trees bereft of all of their greenery. It made it look like fall in the middle of summer.



But when I saw these moths on our shed door, I knew the onslaught was nearly over. After invading and devouring everything in their path, the tent caterpillars had transformed themselves into the moths you see here.

For the Weekly Photo Challenge: Transformation

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